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Triumph Over Grief


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Inside the Author

Author LaQuinta Layton is a native of Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Born to the late Bennie & Lula Broyles, she affectionately loves to share how she is the fifth child of their union and how her name also means the fifth. Coincidence? She doesn’t think so. It is her understanding of the spiritual correlation of the number five (which stands for grace and restoration) that ignites her passion for leading others into experiencing the grace and “favor” God has in store for them.

Her ministry development is largely credited to her spiritual father, Apostle Gary Deloach, and under his tutelage spans into the realms of teaching, preaching, prayer, and prophetic insight. Personally, LaQuinta loves prayer and has devoted her life as an intercessor for remnant believers around the world. She has a pure heart of worship and loves serving in the area of music.


The Lord has joined her in marriage with her soul mate,

Minister of Music Jermaine Layton, who shares her same passion for music, prayer and worship.


The newly published author has found writing as a unique vehicle to help heal broken and grieving hearts across the globe.


This, along with LaQuinta's myriad of gifts has opened doors for her to minister at seminars, workshops and universities both nationally and internationally.

There's only one question left to ask: Are you ready to EMERGE from Grief? If so, let's take the journey together.

EMERGENCE From Grief to Glory
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Emergence - is defined as the process of coming into view or becoming exposed after being concealed. It is the process of being, or of becoming fundamental or prominent to an outcome after starting from a place of obscurity.


Grief is our residual response to being affected by loss. It is an emotion that all seem to experience at some point in life. Rather rich or poor, great or seemingly insignificant, it has a way of humbling us. No matter how strong or courageous; when we are met with grief through death, we find ourselves searching for answers.


Glory - is defined as the high renown or honor experience after triumphs. It is also the magnificent reflection of the beauty of God’s image shone through us that impacts others. When we speak of glory, we speak not of the glory as men. But of the glory of God.


Therefore, EMERGENCE: FROM GRIEF TO GLORY is the processing of our coming into view of the reality of God’s perfected purpose to use our grief for His Glory.


In this book, I will explore this in conjunction with the biblical account of Esther and where our story collides. I believe you’ll find my similarities with her in assuming my right place in the kingdom of God and also identify your own.


I pray that as each reader goes through this book they will not only be invited to walk with me through “shadows of death” but they too will “emerge” with me on the side of victory our Heavenly Father has promised to us.